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Dedicated to improving the quality of life in Ponce Inlet


NOTICE: The purpose of the Town’s portion of this Newsletter is to provide information to its citizens and businesses regarding the workings of the Town government. Articles will be featured from the various departments of the Town and, periodically, articles will be included from or regarding other governmental entities when such information would be helpful to Ponce Inlet citizens or businesses.  To minimize the appearances of political favoritism or publication of viewpoints on public issues, The Town can not accept political or public issue ads or ads from non-profit associations.


The Citizens for Ponce Inlet Newsletter is published quarterly throughout the year to inform the citizens and businesses of Ponce Inlet about matters which may be of interest or have an impact on them. The Newsletter is not a public forum and no editorial articles or letters will be accepted for publication.

For 35 years the Citizens for Ponce Inlet Newsletter has been distributed in paper form. Volunteers on foot and sometimes roller skates faithfully delivered the letter to the households. As the years passed, the publication was mailed directly to all residents and property owners.

In 2020, the Citizens for Ponce Inlet (CFPI) created the website and posted the first digital edition of the CFPI Newsletter with the Winter 2021 issue. The new digital version is emailed to all CFPI Members and to the Town’s email list.

If you would like to be placed on the email list please go to and JOIN – it’s free -you will automatically be enrolled to receive the Newsletter and important notifications while enjoying other C4PI benefits.

The Citizens for Ponce Inlet is an independent organization and not part of the Town Government.  Read the Citizens for Ponce Inlet agreement with the Town.

The Town of Ponce Inlet’s arrangement with CFPI/C4Pi is that the Town contributes $4,000 annually, subject to appropriation, toward the publication of the Newsletter. The Town’s Section is dedicated to providing information regarding activities occurring in the Town government and periodically providing information regarding other governmental entities serving the citizens of Ponce Inlet when such information would be helpful.

The Town’s financial contribution relates solely to the CFPI/C4Pi Newsletter and insures all citizens in Ponce Inlet have access to this information and to the Newsletters provided on the website. The newsletter does not accept paid advertisements and is distributed free of charge. We hope you find this information valuable.

Donations are welcomed and appreciated to help defray the costs of the many activities of Citizens for Ponce Inlet. These include the C4Pi website,, the Annual Town Council Candidates Forum, and the Citizen of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards events.

Donations may be made directly on the website or by mailing a check made to:
Citizens for Ponce Inlet, Inc.
4670 S. Peninsula Drive
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

Citizens for Ponce Inlet is an all volunteer Organization.
Board Members are:

  • Don Hampton, President
  • Judy DiCarlo, Vice President
  • Sue Fillion, Treasurer
  • Kathy Cannon, Secretary
  • Lauren Albinson, Newsletter Editor
  • Directors: Joe Cannon, Joe DiCarlo, Elviria LaBarre, Ellen Pagliarulo, Anthony Raia

Please visit for more information about our Organization. Volunteers are always needed.
If you can help, please email: or Contact C4Pi on the bottom of our Home Page.


Page 1 – Town of Ponce Inlet, Citizens for Ponce Inlet (CFPI)
Page 2 – Candidates Forum, Ponce Inlet Election 2021
Page 3 – Meet the Candidates – Seat 1 (Mayor) – Tony Goudie
Page 4 – Meet the Candidates – Seat 1 (Mayor) – Lois Paritsky
Page 5 – Meet the Candidates – Seat 3 – Elizabeth Caswell
Page 6 – Meet the Candidates – Seat 3 – David Loh
Page 7 – Meet the Candidates – Seat 5 – Gary Smith
Page 8 – Garden Club of Ponce Inlet
Page 9 – Ponce Animal Welfare (PAW), Women’s Club
Page 10 – Ponce Inlet Lions Club
Page 11 – PICCI, PI Lighthouse Assoc., PI Veterans Memorial Assoc.
Page 12 – Marine Science Center

Page 13 – Ponce Church