Since 1987 the Citizens for Ponce Inlet Organization has selected and acknowledged residents of Ponce Inlet who have made outstanding contributions to our community.  The C4PI Citizen of the Year Award is given to one person, or one couple, each year.  The C4PI Lifetime Achievement Awards are give to one or more individuals who have been active volunteers in our community for 20 years, or more.

2023 Award Winners:

Citizen of the Year - Pat Morris

When Pat and her husband Mark, last’s years Citizen of the Year, decided to retire to Ponce Inlet in 2014 they made a decision that while they were retiring from their careers in Pennsylvania, they wanted to become and stay active as volunteers in their new hometown of Ponce Inlet.

Upon permanently moving to Ponce Inlet in 2015, Pat joined the Ponce Inlet Lions Club where, over the years, she became a Director and served as Board Secretary for the Club from 2019 through 2021. While no longer on the Board of Directors, Pat continues to serve with the Lions Club and for the last three years has worked, along with her husband Mark, organizing and running the Lions Club Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament. This event is the Lions Club largest fundraiser of the year and last year this event raised over $12,000. Pat, again working alongside her husband and on behalf of the Lions, is also responsible for the Food Pantry at RJ Longstreet School, which provides assistance for children and families struggling with food insecurities. Prior to Covid, Pat also served as a teacher’s assistant for 1st grade students from Longstreet School.

Pat previously volunteered at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse as a Lighthouse Guide for two years prior to Covid. In doing so, Pat enjoyed meeting out-of-town visitors, school children and residents of our community, all while learning about the History of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Pat especially enjoyed her tours with the school children and volunteering for the Climb to the Moon events at the Lighthouse.

Pat currently serves on the Ponce Inlet Community Center Board of Trustees and has done so since 2019. She is an active participant on the PICC Board and enjoys working on the various fundraising events, including the Community Center’s Flea Market, Soup and Salad, and Frank Sinatra and Irish Night Parties. Pat has also worked with the other volunteer Board members while working on improvements that have been made to the improve the appearance of the Center. Pat also works as a volunteer in the Community Center Office.

In 2019 Pat joined the Garden Club of Ponce Inlet and in 2020 began serving on its Board of Directors. Her first Director position with the Garden Club was as its 1st Vice President. But in November 2021 Pat took over as President of the Club when the previous President had to resign due to personal reasons. Pat is passionate about being a member of the Garden Club and serving as its President and has just recently been elected to serve as President through 2025. For the past 3 years Pat has also served as Co-Chair for the Garden’s Club Annual Arts, Crafts and Plant Show held every October. This particular show, for those of you who don’t know, has been a fixture in our community for 40 years now. Pat helps organize and run its Annual Ice Cream Social which is a fun event for residents of our community and participates with the Club in Ponce Inlet Christmas Parade and Ponce Preserves the Plant. Pat clearly enjoys meeting and working with the members of the Garden Club and looks forward to serving once again as their President.

Most recently, Pat volunteered to become a Director with CFPi. In this new position, one of Pat’s primary roles will be Oversite of C4PI’s Website. Pat looks forward to serving with the CFPI Board and continuing volunteering and serving our community in any way she can.

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Barbara Davis

27 Years ago, Barbara Davis received the Citizen of the Year Award from our Organization for her extraordinary volunteer efforts:

Barbara Davis was appointed to the first PI advisory committee one year after moving to Ponce Inlet.  She has served on other committees from 1990 to present which  include:

  • Volunteer Animal Control Services
  • Ordinance Review Committee
  • Chairman, Tree Board
  • Planning Commission – twice
  • Treasurer, Committee for Ponce Preserve to obtain funding from Florida Communities Trust for Ponce Preserve.
  • 1993 Race Director, Arbor Day 5K (10 years)
  • 2000 – 2003 Race for the Cure
  • 2003 & 2004 she was Chairman of the Friends of Ponce Preserve.
  • Ponce Inlet representative for Halifax/Indian River Task Force,
  • She was Ponce Inlet’s coordinator for Coastal Cleanup and River Clean Up and was on the  Ponce Inlet Visioning Committee.

Even now, after all these years and past accomplishments, Barbara is still volunteering ,in many ways doing things most citizens don’t even realize.  If you are ever out and about in town you will see Barbara walking the beach or on her bicycle.  When she comes across someone who is handicapped in some way or needs something, she is always there to help.  Many days you will see her in the water teaching grandkids of residents how to surf, boogie board, paddle board or just play in the water.  She teaches about the turtles and during the season you can still find her working on projects with turtles cleaning up the beach or organizing others to help.  She recently created a beautiful Christmas Tree with individually designed and painted ornaments and a painted surfboard to help with fund raising for the Marine Science Center.  Any time she is asked to help with an art project she is right there to lend a hand and when she hears of young ones here in town who want to learn to draw or play music she is always there with instruments or art supplies ready to help.

Along with her volunteer work she has been a member of the Garden Club, Women’s Club and Lighthouse and volunteers for all the children’s events in town.  Just recently, Barbara was instrumental in encouraging the town to build the pickleball court at Pollard Park and has always advocated for the preservation of trees and parks here in town.

After all her many years of community service, I believe Barbara should receive our Lifetime Achievement Award for 2023.

2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: MaryAnn Redinger


MaryAnn and her husband Alan moved to Ponce Inlet in November 1992. They had been visiting often in the previous two or three years because they had friends from up north who owned a home in Ponce. They were drawn to the area and decided to make it their home. Since they still owned a business in Kansas, Alan remained busy with that. MaryAnn had gone from working 60 hours a week to being a lady of leisure. MaryAnn knew of the Community Center and began volunteering in the office. There she met a lot of folks form Ponce Inlet. Among them was Kay Davies who was on the PICC Board and was very active. MaryAnn and Kay became friends and she encouraged MaryAnn to become a member of the Board, which she did in 1993 or 1994. Beverley Girolami was President of the Board when MaryAnn first became a board member. MaryAnn served on the PICC Board for well over 20 years, many of those years as Recording Secretary.

It was also MaryAnn’s pleasure to serve as Treasurer of Citizen’s for Ponce Inlet for many years. When MaryAnn first started, postcards were sent out once a year to remind folks to pay their membership fee of $10 per year. Times have sure changed since then.

One of MaryAnn favorite activities is being a member of the Garden Club of Ponce Inlet. MaryAnn is active in many areas and very community minded as a group. She served as Treasurer for the balance of the term when the current Treasurer had to move away. After that, MaryAnn was chosen to be the Recording Secretary and held that position for many years.

In addition, MaryAnn offer her help for other various local events as often as possible. MaryAnn’s husband was always very supportive of her volunteer work and made it possible for her to dedicate her time and efforts. MaryAnn received the Citizen of the Year Award in 2005 and her husband Alan was honored with the same award in 2010. It was definitely very fulfilling for Mary Ann and Alan to live in the beautiful little community and to help maintain their way of life.

2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Don Hampton


In 2012 Don Hampton was CFPI’S Citizen of the Year for his many years of volunteer service to our community. Looking through old CFPI Newsletters (many of which Don designed for printing over the years) we found the following

Don Hampton is a true Florida native. Born at Halifax hospital, Don grew up in the Daytona Beach area and settled in Ponce Inlet with his family, following in his mother’s footsteps, (Wilda Hampton, who was our 1991 COTY and received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016), Don has been a community leader for many years. He has rapidly become one of Ponce inlet’s “old timers”. Don served on the Board of Trustees for the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Association for over 10 years. In 1999 Don was elected to Town Council and served as a Council Member and Vice Mayor until 2001.

After his term on the Town Council, Don continued his community service on the Planning Commission. He was a member of the Planning Commission until 2002. That same year the town started the Visioning process, charting a Course for Ponce Inlet and Don was appointed as a member of the committee by the Planning Commission. Back in 2012 when he received the Citizen of the Year Award, Don was President of the Citizens for Ponce Inlet Organization . Don just retired his position as President of the Organization a few weeks ago after more than 25 years of Board service and remains on the Advisory Board as an Executive Advisor.

There are probably many other town activities that are missed in this summary of volunteer activities. Isn’t Ponce Inlet lucky to have such a committed and loyal resident who has been willing to sacrifice many years of his time to help make Ponce Inlet such a great place for all of us to live.


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1987Constance HunterBob Burns


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