By Nancy Epps, President

Ponce Inlet Animal Welfare has supported the town-sanctioned trap–neuter–return (TNR) colony since 2009. Co-founders Alan Redinger and Jo Ellen Basile filed articles of incorporation with the state on June 26 that year. There were about 20 cats when we started. Over the years, some have been adopted and others have passed on, so we are now down to only two full time residents, Nosey and Ruthie Grace.

Colony 2021 – Nosy

However, sadly, a mama cat and her kittens appeared in late April. Mama cat (I named her Tiki) used the colony as her feeding station, so we have tried to trap her there. Unfortunately, the trap was damaged, and we are now awaiting the delivery of the new one. If you have any idea whose cat this might be or would like to foster her, please let me know! nancyepps@cfl.rr.com or (386) 795-2310. She is a very pretty girl, and she needs a fur-ever home. We will try to trap the kittens next, of course, but Tiki needs to be spayed as soon as possible. 

To prevent stories like Tiki’s, please get your pets spayed or neutered! PAW can share options with you if you have financial or other challenges. Cats reproduce several times a year and the population can explode is a short period of time if both males and females are not made infertile. 


Fall brings the sad anniversaries of the passing of our founders, Alan and Jo Ellen. Alan died on October 16, 2012, and Jo Ellen passed from us on September 11, 2016, adding to the tragic nature of that date. 

Thank you to those generous residents who have donated food and money. We can always use more volunteers to augment our feeders’ schedule. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about PAW, donate time or food or need our help: nancyepps@cfl.rr.com, (386) 795-2310 or speak to any of our furry friends’ volunteer feeders/caregivers.


Check back in the fall edition for more information about upcoming events.


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