Our Board Members

Don Hampton, President
Judy DiCarlo, Vice President
Kathy Cannon, Secretary
Sue Fillion, Treasurer

Lynn Albinson, Lauren Albinson, Joe Cannon, Joe DiCarlo, Elviria LaBarre, Ellen Pagliarulo, Jane White,

Advisory Board Members:

Melissa & Reggie Bergeron, Edson Graham, Bob & Diane LaMontagne, Kris Thompson, Skip White, Lynn Albinson, Lauren Albinson, Bonni Carney, John Carney, Shawn Carney

Logo Design, Video & Newsletter Editor:
Lauren Albinson

Other – Non-Advisory:
Howard Paritsky – Website Development, Technical Services, Audio/Visual Support.

Our Motto

“The organization shall study, conduct research, investigate, and recommend programs affecting the quality of life in Ponce Inlet. It shall be concerned with protecting the environment and those environmental conditions which maintain property values. It shall take appropriate action relative to land use, zoning and preserving scenic areas.“

The purpose of the “Citizens for Ponce Inlet” (as indicated in the organization by-laws) has always been to assist the Town Council in building a community we could all be proud of.  While it is not our policy to rubber stamp every action of the Town Council or their staff, we have always tried to report the news in a positive and constructive way rather than an adversarial manner. 

Brief History of the Group:

The group began around 1980 and was formed by a small group of residents in Emerald Isle subdivision who had been charged usurious rates for sewer service by a private utility serving the north end of town.  They felt that by creating a “citizens group “, they might be able to work with the Town Council to find a way to create a municipal sewer service.  They then decided to bring in residents from other areas of Town and the “Citizens for Ponce Inlet “came into being.

The Town Council enthusiastically welcomed the help of the group.  Following several trips to Tallahassee by the president of the group and one Councilman, and numerous meetings with Port Orange, the private utility was purchased by the city and an agreement made for Port Orange to provide sewer service for the Town of Ponce Inlet.  Over the years this “ Citizens for Ponce Inlet “ organization has been helpful in saving the town money and influential in many important decisions and positive changes. 

A year or two after the group was organized they decided to put out a Newsletter to inform the residents of their efforts.  (Over recent years this has become enlarged to include a report of all governmental agencies in Ponce Inlet as well as the social and service clubs of the community.  This Newsletter is published quarterly with a distribution goal of every Ponce Inlet Resident.

The next main effort was to build a Community Center.  Spearheaded by Betty Bowers the “Citizens” group worked very hard to raise the money to build this much needed building, which opened in 1987.

Financial Information:

In accordance with our obligation set forth in our agreement with the Town Of Ponce Inlet, The C4Pi publishes receipt and disbursement activity by calendar year.

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All information posted on this website is at the sole discretion and under the management of the Citizens For Ponce Inlet, Inc., not the Town of Ponce Inlet.