Dear Ponce Inlet Resident,

Over the past 9 months, information regarding the Ponce Inlet Fire Department’s Internal Investigations has been posted on various social media websites.  In keeping with the C4Pi’s Mission Statement to provide accurate and complete information to our membership, we are posting the actual public record files and documents pertaining to this case for examination by our residents.

Links to the following can be found at the bottom of this page, including:

  • Final Reports and Notices
  • Audio Recordings of Witness Interviews
  • Transcripts of Witness Interviews
  • Exhibits

How the C4Pi Obtained This Information:

All of the information, files, reports and exhibits listed on this page were obtained pursuant to a public records request.  There have been suggestions on various social media platforms that these were not legitimately obtained or that employee privacy rights or labor laws have been violated in the process.  These claims were addressed by Town Attorney Cliff Shepard.  Click here to read his memorandum.

The Origin of the Investigations:

In December 2020, Lieutenant Derek George and Firefighter Kyle Oberst together filed a complaint against fellow firefighter Fadi Fattouh.  During the course of this investigation (#FD 20-01) issues were raised that resulted in subsequent investigations (#FD 21-01 thru 06.)  Those subsequent investigations were concluded earlier this month, August 2021.

Lieutenant Derek George acknowledged in his testimony that the Town had an obligation to look into the allegations raised in #FD 20-01 (see Page #316, Line #19 of his testimony transcript.) The testimony in the subsequent investigations was provided by union firefighters, not the Town of Ponce Inlet. 

Outsourcing to an Independent Investigator:

Town Manager Jeaneen Witt issued the following statement pertaining to the outsourcing of these investigations.

“Prior to seeking out a third-party investigator I consulted with Police Chief Glazier, who made it clear the Town’s Police Department did not have the capacity to handle these new investigations or the additional Fire Department investigations that were already opened or in the process of being opened at the time. Thereafter, I requested that Volusia County and then the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office conduct these additional investigations. Both agencies declined.”

The firm of DSK Law was retained by the Town of Ponce Inlet to investigate the formal complaints.

Accusations of Bias Against Investigator Lindsey Greene (DSK Law.)

Reference Supplemental Report By Greene, Page # 103, Line 17 forward:

At the end of the due process hearing for Lieutenant George, he was asked about allegations that Investigator Greene had a “conflict of interest” and an “axe to grind.”  Mr. Siwica (the union attorney representing Lt. George) stated “No.  We aren’t taking that position.”

The Citizens for Ponce Inlet (C4Pi) presents this information so that our residents can form their own conclusions and opinions by providing all the information available on the public record. 

Members of the public may obtain these documents by clicking the links in the table below or by requesting them at:

Ponce Inlet Town Hall
4300 South Atlantic Ave
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

Citizens for Ponce Inlet (C4Pi)

Internal Investigations 21-01 thru 21-06

Final Reports
Supplemental Report Re: George & Oberst

Final Termination Notices (George & Oberst):

Derek George
Kyle Oberst

Evidence: Audio Testimony:

Becky HuglerFadi Fattouh 2Mike Young 2
Cheryl HerrenFadi Fattouh 3Noble Taylor
Dan Scales 1Igor Kojadinovic 1Peter Steffen 1
Dan Scales 2Igor Kojadinovic 2Peter Steffen 2
Derek George 1Jacqueline FrenchRay Plumley 1
Derek George 2John BrooksRay Plumley 2
Dominic VescoviKyle OberstSteve Tornelli
Fadi Fattouh 1Mike Young 1Suzanne Severson

Evidence: Transcripts:

Becky Hugler 1Derek George 2Igor Kojadinovic 1
Becky Hugler 2Derek George 3Igor Kojadinovic 2
Cherly HerrenDerek George 4Igor Kojadinovic 3
Dan Scales 1Dominic VescoviJacqueline French
Dan Scales 2Fadi Fattouh 1John Brooks
Dan Scales 3Fadi Fattouh 2Kyle Oberst 1
Dan Scales 4Fadi Fattouh 3Kyle Oberst 2
Derek George 1Fadi Fattouh 4Noble Taylor

Evidence: Individual Exhibits (Read Complete List)


Due Process Hearing:

Derek George Audio
Kyle Oberst Audio

Second Investigation of Fire Chief Scales:

Final Notice
Final Report
Jim Mauney Audio
Jim Mauney Video

Internal Investigation 20-01 (Previously Posted):

Final Report