Alan Deke DiCostanzo

Deke moved to Ponce Inlet in 1994 with his wife, Janice. He commuted to Maitland and traveled nationally for his job through March 1999. Deke credits Janice with initiating his volunteer work in Ponce Inlet. He got his start by assisting with her volunteer projects whenever he could.

Although reluctant to join various clubs at the time, after retirement, Deke offered his help whenever it was needed.Along with his wife, they both became heavily involved in a variety of activities in town. Deke has always been seen quite happily working in the kitchen or on the grill for the Lions Club, the Ponce Inlet Veterans Memorial Association, and the Ponce Inlet Community Center fund raisers. Similarly, he has enjoyed selling tickets, especially 50/50 at various events.

Deke says, “I am honored by this Citizens for Ponce Inlet Lifetime Achievement but I don’t really understand why I deserve it. I feel like I’ve been doing low-level volunteer work for a long time and have always been enthusiastic about it. I am unlikely to say ‘no’ when asked for help.