August 17, 2020
National Flood Insurance Program

The Town participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and all property owners can purchase flood insurance for structures and contents within the Town.

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February 2018
Town Sewer Master Plan:

In February 2018, Town Council authorized the town staff to submit an application to St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) for septic-to-sewer upgrades for two project areas outlined in the Town’s Sewer Master Plan.  One of these projects was for Ponce de Leon Circle.  The Town was not awarded the grant at that time for two reasons: 1) the project was too large, as SJRWMD prefers smaller project awards; and 2) the Town did not have the full design for the project, which deems it as “shovel-ready”.  Since that time, the City of Port Orange approved funding the design for the Ponce de Leon Circle gravity sewer project at a cost of approximately $200,000 and then worked with the Town to hold two neighborhood meetings to discuss the project.  The Town then submitted the project as a shovel-ready project for grant funding to SJRWMD, the Indian River Lagoon Board (IRL), and as a Special Legislative Appropriation to Senator Wright and Representative Leek.  While the IRL grand and Special Legislative Appropriate was denied, the Town has been awarded a 34% match from SJRWMD for a project estimated at approximately one million dollars.  The City of Port Orange has expressed willingness to increase their participation to make up some of this difference because they deem this as one of their high priority environmental projects due to this street being specifically surrounded by water on all three sides and the excessive flooding this area experiences during weather and tidal events.  The Town of Ponce Inlet intends to cover the costs of the street being reconstructed and some stormwater improvements desired as well, via gas tax funding, estimated at $118,000.

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